Self Care Sunday – Dance

For my self care Sunday posts I asked a few people to tell me some of their self care practices, not one said dance. I also felt the same way until a few months ago. Here’s what happened, the collective that I am a part of hosted a workshop series on self care and healing. For the closing workshop the facilitator of the workshop, Ynanna Djehuty, led a series of exercises that made everyone think about the obstacles, traumas, and changes that we have faced in our lives and then use the wisdom we acquired to heal ourselves. Just like it sounds, it was a very intense session. There was not a dry eye in the room. After the workshop the majority of the workshop attendees headed to a nearby bar where a woman’s drum circle would be playing. And this is were I saw the healing that occurs when we dance, when we let go of our traumas and become one with our bodies.


Last month our collective celebrated our three year anniversary. During the event we were blessed to have Bulla en el Barrio perform. Bulla en el Barrio is composed of Colombian men and women who perform in their folkloric tradition the songs and sounds of their ancestors. While the women danced I noticed that they moved their hands in a circle over the womb. After their performance I asked one of the women about it. She shared that traditionally during the time of the  new moon women in the village would gather and dance as a form of self care focusing on their wombs and breasts they will move to the beat.


A few days later in a conversation with a healer about healing the chakras she advised that I dance. “Dancing is one of the best ways to open up the sacral chakra. Dance everyday if you can.” I used to love to dance and perform but somewhere along the way I lost that too. This time though I decided to follow her advice and I felt amazing. I felt more connected to my feminine energy and my body. Within a few days of dancing, moving my waist and hips, I started menstruating. You are probably asking yourself, what the hell does that have to do with anything. It has a lot to do with dancing. You see I have a condition called PCOS, which has caused me to have irregular periods among other symptoms. Through my learning about the chakras and healing I discovered that emotion or energy blockages or stagnation are often manifested physically. Dancing not only allows you to become one with your body but helps you heal from within.


Dancing is a powerful self care tool that everyone should consider incorporating into their self care routine. Being one with you body is important because it promotes mindfulness. Give it a try. Stand in front of your mirror, or not, and move your hips and waist to the side and up and down. Be conscious of every move. How it feels on your knees, your waist, your back. If you can gather some of your sisters and friends and head out to a bar or club and dance. Just Dance. Or do what my mana says and just twerk it out. hehe.

Hasta pronto,


P.S. Check out the tag #sage333 on instagram. It is magical.


Author: Reclaiming Isha

Isabel Cristina is a 25 year old Afro-Dominicana. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the City College of New York. She is a lover of books and an aspiring writer, who writes stories inspired by the Dominican diaspora. Having emigrated from the Dominican Republic as a young girl, the process of immigration and her memories of the homeland inspire her writing. She is a co-founder and the Executive Administrator of La Galeria Magazine. She is also a core sister of the Sister Circle Collective and a firm believer in creating safe spaces where women could come together, organize, share stories, and empower one another.

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